Thursday, January 05, 2006


- I am daily reminded of the loneliness in the world. The will to be loved is far greater than the will for money, success, or even food. There is nothing that has power over love, and there is nothing love cannot defeat.

- I find the notion of a personal God repugnant. One is in no way related to faith without simultaneously spreading their light, for to have is to give.

- There are many ways for the world to enter into our hearts. By way of a smile, some laughter or kindness, or even an atrocious action – but these are not to be waited for. The reason they are waited for by most is that one is usually only capable of the atrocious action.

- Water is love consoling the arrogant and egotistical land.

- The ocean reminds me of my stupidity. It reminds me of my condition, that I am not capable of knowing, or being precise – but rather that I am am imperfect and continuously changing, and most important – that I extend.

- Not to be ashamed in being wrong - easy when one has sincerely felt that we cannot know anything at all.

- I love chess. It resembles art in that each and every game is an opportunity to create a world that has a semblance of harmony. If the endeavor breaks down, the will to rebuild is doubly renewed. If it is achieved, there is no language to describe the transformation that occurs within.

- I try so hard to understand the limitations of thinking. I think and think about it, I wonder about my wondering, I ponder why I ponder, and I can never grasp my reality with any certainty until the very second I stop trying. – If only I could think while I’m not thinking.

- Words are tools of navigation, not maps of reality.

- Poetry is the examplar in our eternal struggle to understand being.

- Those who write poetry to write, are often marvelous writers. Those who write poetry to think, are often marvelous thinkers. Those who write poetry to breathe, are doomed.

- There is one great lie – language.

- Holy books are all too often the most potent weapons of mass destruction.

- To believe something is one thing, but to believe something is also the other.

- One who begins a phrase, ‘to be honest . . .’, is most assuredly lying.

- Nature is honest, deception is a purely human trait.

- I find the philosophy of nihilism an absurdity. Sometimes the silliest moments reveal the most assured sense of being to me, for it is precisely when nothing feels important that I see the importance of God.

- One is surely at the greatest risk of losing themselves when they feel betrayed by the world. To purge this conviction from one’s being is the only measure of faith.

- With no effort and magnificent grace, the glance of a child’s eye brings to us the superficial and injurious nature of our being, all our shame associated with it, and the will to renew ourselves – all at once. It’s as if children force love out of us.

- Science ought to be ashamed of itself for degrading its own creator so severely.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The discouraged flower
Run around in a circle, they do,First full swing, like a bulldozerAgainst an innocent wallLick their woundsThey doLaying wasted on the road of good intentions
I wanted to save the worldThey all sayAmong their tearsWhat a fool was IThey say so bitterly, defeated
Weeping with the weeping willowThey contemplateSurvival in a waste land, away from even their dream
No more dreams of novelsNo more thought of the masterpieceNo more, they swear, willThey aspire to be like the great onesNow, a dependable paycheckThey will findA boring lifeThey will liveAt least full, their belly will be
So many of them Lost in their own shadow!
Cool breeze, sent them I didNot all at once Rome was build, I tell themOne day, one hour at a time,Weave your masterpiece.Take the long view,Better one concrete painting every ten years,Then dreams of twelve an hour
Cool breeze I sent them againBeginning artists need one of theseA wealthy patron, a day job, a personal fortune or unshakable self confidenceA simple lifestyle goes a long way,When building your field of dreams in this real world,But most of all faith in yourself and your message you need,Then of service, you may be.
So Deerie,Don’t try, doDream land does not existTake the steps necessaryLife outside of your bliss, is not worth living.


The hiatus
Run all the time, I doInto women, aspiring artists, struggling artistsWho tell meI am just coming back to my artHad a couple of kidsCouldn’t sculpt,Couldn’t paint,Couldn’t singCouldn’t writeFor two, ten, twelve yearsNow I am free,I can go back to my creative life
I feel like screaming at themFool!
You never stopped being an artistAt this very momentEvery single being is creatingWhether they are making art or junk or even dangerous junkIs up to them!
Yesserie!With their spreadsheet, their clownfaceAnd their tool belt
Raising a child is like throwing a potGentle guidanceNot too much pressure, not too much freedom
And what a mediumTalk about truth to materialDon’t try to make a lawyer of your actor!
Ultimately the clay will decide What it will do and how it will actBut with a little help from you.
Is it so different, when you use your wordsYour clay, your watercolors?And lo!The most exquisite experienceAfter thirty years or so,You might be able to pinpoint the exact moodOf that moment of conception so long ago
You got to be the unrecognized artistThe collaborator on a projectThat now creates independently
No, you never were a frustrated artistHow you live your life is your masterpiece.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We have guests

Maze's stepsister and her husband are here from London! They will be staying at la casa de NesWeiss for a couple days. Rebecca, the stepsister, is 6 months pregnant, glowing, and enjoyed 'real Mexican' along 5th Avenue. Colin, husband of Rebecca, continues to be cool. We all watched an on-demand Sopranos episode -- last Sunday's -- which was like a trip into the future for them, since they are a season behind.

Libretto rehearsal

So I just found out last night, after 'real Mexican,' that I'm supposed to be attending a 2-6pm rehearsal/workshop before the libretto reading (see righ column). Ug. I have to beg my boss to get out early. It's at Julliard, so I could take a cab, make like Marlo Thomas, and rush in at 3pm or so. I hope the People of American Opera will say it's OK. I was already nervous about this -- I honestly didn't know that the libretto would be workshopped before the performance. For those of you who will attend, the broken man in a suitjacket will be your correspondent