Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We have guests

Maze's stepsister and her husband are here from London! They will be staying at la casa de NesWeiss for a couple days. Rebecca, the stepsister, is 6 months pregnant, glowing, and enjoyed 'real Mexican' along 5th Avenue. Colin, husband of Rebecca, continues to be cool. We all watched an on-demand Sopranos episode -- last Sunday's -- which was like a trip into the future for them, since they are a season behind.

Libretto rehearsal

So I just found out last night, after 'real Mexican,' that I'm supposed to be attending a 2-6pm rehearsal/workshop before the libretto reading (see righ column). Ug. I have to beg my boss to get out early. It's at Julliard, so I could take a cab, make like Marlo Thomas, and rush in at 3pm or so. I hope the People of American Opera will say it's OK. I was already nervous about this -- I honestly didn't know that the libretto would be workshopped before the performance. For those of you who will attend, the broken man in a suitjacket will be your correspondent